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CineCinema is a joint project between Filmbüro (Bremen, Germany), FilmCentrum Syd (Malmö, Sweden), Hypnos Theatre (Malmö, Sweden) and På stubben (Huaröd, Sweden). With an ambition to emphasize what makes film making so unique as an art form – sound and image, and what reaches us beyond the limitations of rationality – we´d like to inspire you to break the boundaries of linear storytelling and simplified causality.

The unique qualities of sound and image, rhythm and editing, the visual symbols and the poetic possibilities of words in a cinematic context – that´s our focus!

CineCinema Days: August 11th – 14th, 2022

Participants: 12 (6 from Sweden and 6 from Germany)

Language: English (and the universal language of art…)

Deadline for application: 27/02/2022

Participant fee: Could be a smaller fee for food and such, but NOT much!

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Programmet – Kortfilm
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